Black - (European Oak - Single Strip)

210٫00 /m2
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If you love the contrast of white walls and dark wood floors, Swiss Hardwoods-Black-European Oak is your floor. Refreshing and bold, this rich dark floor with crown cut grains, wide knots up to 4 centimeters in size and beveled edging bring in dramatic feeling to the interiors. One could always break up the monotony and visual heaviness of this floor by adding in lighter and textured area rugs, moreover dark floors look stunning against lighter carpets and furniture making your space look chic and sophisticated. This engineered floor has an oiled surface and is incredibly durable, comes with a lifetime guarantee and its Uni Click patented technology facilitates a quick and easy installation. Never needs sanding and even if scratches do appear unlike lacquered floors, with an oiled floor there's no need to sand and refinish the entire floor. A "spot repair" at the point where the scratch is and a small amount of oil is applied to the affected area. Very quick and easy to repair.
المزيد من المعلومات
العلامة التجارية Swiss Hardwoods
اللون Dark
الشكل النهائي Matt
النسق Swiss Hardwoods - Elegance
النمط Wood Effect
الصنف Oak
السماكة 15mm
Main Type Plank (Single Strip)
العرض Wide (150mm - 200mm)
التأثير Elegance
Floor Type Engineered Wood
السطح Oiled
التصميم الخشبي Smooth
الحواف Beveled Edge
Install Type Uni-Clic - Floating Floor
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