Depending on where you go and where you buy, parquet flooring can be very expensive. With a number of flooring companies offering parquet flooring, who can you trust to ensure that you do not spend a lot more than you need to? A lot of flooring companies put a lot of time and money in advertising what and this results in higher operating expenses and higher prices. For companies to cushion themselves from increased operating expenses due to advertising, they need to increase the prices of their goods and products. This in turn affects you the customer because it means you may have to pay more for their products. Floorworld does not invest a lot of effort, time and money in advertising or marketing but invests in ensuring that customers get the parquet floor that they want, a parquet floor that leaves them happy and satisfied. Floorworld buys in bulk and believes in high stock turnover of goods with a low profit margin. We have over 10 million dirhams worth of parquet flooring in stock at all times all for immediate delivery to ensure timely execution of projects.

Buying in bulk means Floorworld enjoys economies of scale, saves money, affords you the opportunity to have a wide variety to choose from as well as continuity when the need for more of the same parquet floor need arises. Customers are the life blood of any organization, hence Floorworld ensures not to be found wanting. Floorworld believes in keeping customers 100% happy at all times by simply affording customers the opportunity to choose their desired parquet floor of choice without having to worry or stress about the price. When it comes to parquet or engineered wood flooring, we have the lowest prices and the largest choices of parquet flooring available in the UAE. We employ a customer centric approach which is evident in the service, quality and value offered to customers. Floorworld is transparent in all our dealings. The process and steps that take place before the customer pays for their parquet floor. Floorworld is one of the very few companies that offers free estimation services to their customers. Free estimation is whereby Floorworld sends out one of our estimators to measure the customer’s space that needs parquet flooring. The estimator also assesses the space so that nothing is over looked. This service not only benefits Floorworld, but also clarifies things in terms of how much material is needed and how much it will cost. It is also important because if something goes wrong because of wrong measurements, as a company policy we will not charge you anything extra. In fact, Floorworld will write an invoice, let you know how much it will cost and then will go ahead and fix the mistake without charging you anything extra. That's why we retain customers, increase the size of our company and increase our market share every year without the need to advertise. We make sure our customers are 100% happy at all times.

Quickstep and Swiss Hardwoods are two big brand name European manufacturers that we represent exclusively in the Region, meaning you buy it direct at factory prices with as little middle men as possible. Both Quickstep and Swiss Hardwoods parquet carry extensive manufacturers warranties and have all skirting's, door thresholds and all accessories to complete the installation of your new parquet floor and cleaning solutions to protect your investment and keep your parquet wood floor looking great for decades.

With parquet flooring starting from as little as 135dhs and with ten different ranges showing different styles of finishes, different lengths of planks and widths of planks available, in total there's over 100 different colours and styles of parquet wood flooring to choose from. So, whether it's a simple but elegant single strip parquet flooring you desire or something more contemporary or traditional like herringbone parquet flooring, Floorworld has the right products at the lowest prices. Regardless of the style you have in mind, we have a parquet wood floor to suit your budget and home decor.

So, when it comes to high quality low priced parquet flooring, Floorworld is the number one company of choice for architects, fit-out companies and consumers. We offer a no dramas services, high quality installations and always the lowest prices possible for parquet wood flooring.