Min - Limestone

75٫00 /m2
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Gerbur-Limestone- Apart from Savoring it’s refreshing and relaxing feel, you could fearlessly indulge in vibrant colour decor and successfully draw attention to those pieces against this timelessly beautiful limestone inspired Luxury Vinyl floor. With Glue Down installation mechanism this floor is extremely durable and unlike stone or marble floor will not crack, break or dent on impact. You have a floor that successfully creates the desirable lime stone effect without having to contend with chilly stone tiles.
المزيد من المعلومات
العلامة التجارية Gerbur
اللون White
الشكل النهائي Matt
النسق Gerbur Art Minerals
النمط Stone Effect
الصنف Other
السماكة 2mm
النوع Luxury Vinyl Tiles
العرض Extra Wide (over 189mm)
التأثير Stone
Warranty 20 Years Residential
Floor Type Luxury Vinyl Tile
السطح Matt
التصميم الخشبي Other
الحواف Square Edge
Install Type Glue Down
الوصف غير متاح
كتابة مراجعتك
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