Charcoal - (European Oak - Single Strip)

285٫00 /m2
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The modern and contemporary living space is a good spot for this floor. With minimalist style, light accented furniture and bright graphic area rugs your living space will be transformed into a chic and modern family room ensemble. The beauty and elegance of a matt finished floor is unmatchable. With oiled floors you can feel the grain of the wood, sensual and karmic to the soul, and with a little materialistic touch your space tends a bit toward luxury. This visually heavy semi solid wood floor is a quite refreshing and bold choice, after years of neutral tones in flooring trends. Whether you choose a modern or a more traditional decor style this floor with its extra wide plank, matt finish and oiled surface is sure to carry a multitude of interior design styles.
المزيد من المعلومات
العلامة التجارية Swiss Hardwoods
اللون Dark
الشكل النهائي Matt
النسق Swiss Hardwoods - Monolith
النمط Extra Wide Plank
الصنف Oak
السماكة 15mm
Main Type Plank (Single Strip)
العرض Extra Wide (200mm Plus)
التأثير Monolith
Floor Type Engineered Wood
السطح Oiled
التصميم الخشبي Brushed & Oiled
الحواف Beveled Edge
Install Type Uni-Clic - Floating Floor
الوصف غير متاح
Is on Sale غير متاح
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