1. April 12, 2021

    Flooring choices made easy – a buyer’s guide

    All the images in this blog were created with Floorworld’s new visualiser tool – try it now! Flooring choices made easy – a buyer’s guide In the…
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  2. February 28, 2021

    Living in luxury: how to pick your perfect carpet

    At Floorworld, we’re always looking for new ways to expand our flooring selection and give our valued customers a greater variety of choices. We’re excited to introduce a brand-new product offering: 21 luxurious carpet collections with a…
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  3. January 13, 2021

    Form meets Function: 5 Trendsetting Picks for Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

    As the trailblazing architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” This means that the practical and aesthetic features of design…
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  4. September 14, 2020

    Need a new living room floor? Here’s some inspiration.

    A living room is the nucleus of a home—where guests are entertained, family…
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  5. June 02, 2020

    Top flooring choices for your bedroom

    Your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. When designing this space, think about what is important to you and how your room should reflect this. Do you want it free of clutter, or filled with…
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  6. April 28, 2020

    5 Fabulous flooring options for your kitchen

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  7. March 02, 2020

    Bathroom floor inspiration: 5 styles we love

    Did you know that the amount of time spent in the bathroom adds up to more than a year over the average adult’s lifetime?[1] However, this essential room can be a…
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  8. January 30, 2020

    Urban Escape: Step into Tatiana’s dreamy new apartment in The Views, Dubai

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  9. March 09, 2019

    Do you know the difference between SPC Flooring and LVT Flooring?

    When it comes to installing a new flooring solution, it can be a difficult choice to figure out which type of floor is perfect for your selected venue. Stone Plastic Composite flooring also know as
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  10. May 01, 2018

    How to save money on your floor

    Does having a floor of your dreams have to cost you a fortune? Of course not. Floorworld offers a wide range of beautiful, classic, elegant, modern and stylish parquet flooring options without breaking your bank or budget. Flooring is a big…
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