Kitchens are the heart of a homewhere families congregate to create meals together, friends huddle at parties, and memories are made… along with mess. In this hub of activity, you want a floor that sets the tonewhether it be homely warmth or stylish chic. But you also want something that can face the intense wear and tear that comes along with itfrom foot traffic to food spills. 

To help you choose the perfect floor for your kitchen based on your needs, from style to durability, we’ve put together a list of our top picks.


If following the latest interior design trends is your thing, then the grey grains and embossed effect of Ristretto are aperfect fit. The stylish, sophisticated look of this vinyl flooring product can be paired with many colour combinationswhether complemented with walls and appliances of soft beige and silver or contrasted with lively cobalt blue or black. With easy installation facilitated by this product’s unique interlocking system, you’ll be ready to entertain in no time. 

Ristretto vinyl click flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Ristretto vinyl flooring from Floorworld. 


Combining the warm atmosphere of a classical wooden appearance with the durability of vinyl, this floor provides the best of both worlds—good looks and a long life. It is the perfect all-rounder for families, providing style at incredible value for money along with low maintenance. Better yet, the click lock mechanism holding the tiles together prevents dirt and bacteria from being stored in the cracks. This means you can enjoy the pleasure of cooking with kidsand the inevitable messwithout having to worry about hygiene.  

Cappuccino Vinyl Floor

Get the look with Gerbür Cappuccino vinyl click flooring from Floorworld.


There’s something about Italian white marblea sense of timeless elegance you can’t quite put your finger on. There’s also nothing quite like the maintenance natural marble requires. Being porous, it can be stained and scratched easily, and must be resurfaced regularly at vast expensemore practical alternative for your kitchen is Bianco Vinyl Click flooringThis innovative product reproduces the serene appearance of marbles whites and greys but employs an ultra-durable Diamondshield coating that will keep it looking pristine for decades. 

Bianco Vinyl Aqua Click

Get the look with Gerbür Bianco Vinyl Aqua Click flooring from Floorworld.

European Oak 

An extra width plank with a beautiful oak decor, European Oak offers tranquillity and style in a modern floor. This Vinyl tile with its realistic surface graining gives you the look of hardwood and the durability of laminate for a fraction of the price. Unlike wood or laminate flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tiles can be installed in wet areas like kitchens with minimum maintenance. If you are on a budget, without having to compromise on your style, you get the moisture-resistance and scratch-resistant feature at a bargain price. And if you are looking to give your home or office space that rich and earthy tone, Gerbur’s European Oak is your answer. 

European oak Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Get the look with Gerbür European Oak Luxury Vinyl Tiles flooring from Floorworld. 

Ash Grey

Featuring crosscuts of walnut and light grey hues, Ash Greyt  tiles are elusively subtle yet eye-catching. With their gentle underfoot feel and clean appearance, they are both aesthetically and tactilely comfortinga pleasure to cook in after a long day. Owing to their PVC construction, they can withstand both temperature and humidity swingsso you can install them anywhere with absolute confidence. 

Ash Grey Vinyl Click

Get the look with Gerbür Ash Grey Vinyl Click flooring from Floorworld.

Ready to transform your kitchen?

If you’re planning a renovation or building your perfect kitchen, check out our stunning vinyl click products featured above. We also have an extensive range of wood flooringlaminate flooringluxury vinyl tilesstone plastic composite flooring and carpet tiles on offer.

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