Did you know that the amount of time spent in the bathroom adds up to more than a year over the average adult’s lifetime?[1] However, this essential room can be a challenging space to design, build and renovate, let alone decorate.

Floors are especially problematic. Hardwood planks, while beautiful, are susceptible to water damage and humidity, which can cause unsightly disfigurement over time. Even standard tiles, although more reliable, often see stains and mould appear in small cracks between tiles or in the grout. 

So, to help you construct your perfect bathroom – where you can enjoy a stylish, tranquil space without worrying about damage or maintenance – we’ve compiled five suggestions for beautiful, durable and fuss-free bathroom flooring. 

Cotton Wood

Wood floor finishes look exquisite in bathrooms. But when you combine genuine wooden planks with wet bathroom conditions, your beautiful floor could soon fall victim to cupping, buckling and peeling. Fortunately, we have the perfect alternative to natural timber. As a Vinyl Click flooring product, Cotton Wood offers a warm, deep grain wood look in a 100% waterproof format. This means you get the style you’re going for while avoiding the risks and upkeep associated with genuine wood floorboards. Cotton Wood strikes a balance between chic and timeless, complimenting both old and new building aesthetics. 

Cotton Wood Vinyl Click Flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Cotton Wood Vinyl Aqua Click flooring from Floorworld. 

Ash Grey

Ash Grey also visually reproduces wood but is firmly planted in cutting-edge design trends. Its grey hue makes for several eye-catching colour combinations with bathroom décor, notably lime greens and blush pinks. This effect can be mirrored or enhanced by putting vibrant, flowering plants in the space. Its cost-effectiveness, easy installation and impressive durability make this vinyl click flooring product an ideal choice for commercial as well as residential settings. 

Ash Grey Vinyl Click Flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Ash Grey Vinyl Click flooring from Floorworld. 


If you like playing with lighting, Ardesia opens up a world of possibilities. Its dusky tone looks especially spectacular in large, strikingly lit bathrooms. Lighting can either be upward facing—letting the room sing while the floor provides a counterpoint—or downward, to accentuate the subtle patterns of the tile. It faithfully replicates black slate, adding an air of grandeur to any space. Unlike stone, though, its feel is plush, and its non-slip finish is ideal for bathrooms with hot tubs or even indoor pools. Combine all those elements together, and you’re looking at something truly dreamy.

Ardesia Vinyl Click Flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Ardesia Aqua Click Stone flooring from Floorworld. 

Polished Concrete 

While long a mainstay in the industrial market, polished concrete floors are rapidly growing in popularity among homeowners, too. They are incredibly durable, often lasting the lifetime of a house. This also makes them ecologically sustainable. No need for replacement means no waste on a landfill. Glue-down installation is a breeze, rendering a distinctive, seamless floor. And unlike ceramic tiles or similar alternatives, this flooring product is both warm and quiet underfoot. The sleek, industrial look of this floor can be counterposed with softer design elements like a timber ceiling, a garden window or indoor plants.   

Polished Concrete Flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Polished Concrete Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Floorworld. 


An incredibly life-like perfect reproduction of Italian white marble, Bianco from Gerber has the added benefit of being extremely low maintenance. The clear white surface and marble effect adds to the sophistication and the light grey secondary colour effect elevates the appearance to present a cool and serene feel to your decor. Like all our Gerbur Vinyl floors, Bianco is coated with Diamondshield™ an extremely durable surface protection to ensure your floor stays looking great for decades.

Bianco Vinyl Click Flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Bianco Aqua Click Stone flooring from Floorworld. 

Does your bathroom need a touch of brilliance?

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[1] https://www.studyfinds.org/average-adult-will-spend-416-days-bathroom/