As the trailblazing architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” This means that the practical and aesthetic features of design should always go hand in hand. Bathroom flooring is a perfect example. On the one hand, you want a serene space where you can put your feet up in the tub and relax – or perhaps, to make a fashion statement that impresses your guests. On the other, practicality is key – bathroom floors need to be resilient to water, safe and easy to clean.

Bathroom vinyl flooring provides the union of form and function; of fashion and functionality. Wood and stone looks are hip and trendy – but the natural products are hardly a practical choice. Wood bathroom floors are very impractical – wood and water are not a good combination, so this is a no-brainer. Meanwhile, stone is porous and needs to be resealed frequently at great expense. With vinyl, you can enjoy trendsetting wood and stone looks, combined with a floor that is waterproof, non-slip and a breeze to clean. We’ve put together five of our favourite picks to get you inspired! 

Classic Grey Oak

Vinyl wood-effect floors are topping the latest bathrooms flooring trends, for good reason. The timeless beauty of wood has long been a go-to choice for other areas of the home – but the constant exposure to water and moisture made it a no-go for bathrooms. With vinyl’s 100% waterproof PVC construction paired with stylish wood aesthetics, that is no longer the case – so wood-effect bathroom floors have surged in popularity. Classic Grey Oak from the Gerbur Vinyl Click range is a gorgeous option, marrying the suave wood look with a classic herringbone pattern. Its modish grey tones can be matched with black and white fittings for a classical look, or with cool blues and greens for a chic yet tranquil vibe.


Stone looks in bathrooms are not exactly a new trend. In fact, marble floors are one of the most enduring and iconic bathroom aesthetics. Yet their expense – to purchase and maintain – put them out of reach for most people. Levanto from Gerbur’s Aqua Click range showcases the sensational alternative offered by vinyl floors. It is an impeccable reproduction of Dark Emperador marble, with dark brown hues interspersed with lighter, lightning-like streaks – classy, edgy and dynamic. While lighter colours are currently a more common choice for bathrooms, this dark and daring floor has an undeniable “wow-factor”, especially when enhanced with bold lighting features.


If you want a floor that will be forever fashionable, you can’t go wrong with white marble. However, traditional marble is notoriously difficult to look after – it was even replaced in the French Palace of Versailles for this reason! Bianco from the Gerbur Aqua Click range gives you all the majesty of marble with none of the fuss. Mirroring its natural muse, Bianco features a white surface with spirited grey swirls. Its complexion is not only elegant and sophisticated, but also increases natural lighting and makes spaces feel bigger than they really are. With a Diamondshield coating, these vinyl floor tiles wipe clean effortlessly and will look immaculate for decades – providing durability to match the floor’s eternal charm.  


If you’re after an authentic wood floor bathroom aesthetic, Paprika from the Gerbur Vision range is an exemplary selection. It is a debonair taupe brown with wide tonal variations, just like natural wood – and is embossed in register, meaning its raised textures deftly match the wood grain design. Paprika conjures that sought-after organic look and feel – plus, the texture naturally increases the floor’s anti-slip properties. The Uni-Clic mechanism ensures that vinyl floor installation is quick and painless. You can lay vinyl click floors over a wide variety of existing bathroom floors or subfloors, including concrete and tile, so it’s fantastic for sprucing up rental properties.

Smooth Almond

For a trendy and truly versatile bathroom floor, Smooth Almond from Gerbur’s Vision range has all your bases covered. Its “greige” hue is a mixture of classic beige and contemporary grey. The floor adapts to the style of your bathroom – so it looks equally beautiful in traditional and modern aesthetics. It is light, bright and fresh, with voguish wide dimensions that create a clean and refined atmosphere. In addition to being waterproof, warm and quiet underfoot, vinyl flooring is 100% recyclable. If you ever decide to replace it with something new, you floor won’t pollute the environment – it will be reused to fashion the trends of the future!

Time for a bathroom makeover? 

All the stunning floors featured here are available in our vinyl click section. Floorworld has a fully functional ecommerce store – so you can browse the website, check pricing and details, and order from the comfort of your home. For more bathroom flooring options, check out our brand new waterproof laminate range.