Vinyl flooring as we all know is resilient flooring which is made from plastic, PVC, rubber etc, it comes in rolls, sheets and tiles, basically glue down system. It has been in the market since 1980s, which comes in different thicknesses and multiple colors. The quest to bring good wide ranges and affordable flooring to our clients and customers, been it residential or commercial made Floorworld LLC to partner with Forbo Flooring System which has been into vinyl flooring over a long period of time, striving to become a global leader in commercial flooring system, with manufacturing facilities in Holland and Germany. Forbo Naim is from France and now a global player in high quality commercial and residential flooring coverings that deals on vinyl sheet and tiles and FLOORWORLD LLC is proudly a partner. The popularity of Vinly flooring is due to the benefit and it been cost effective. The benefit includes low maintenance, durability, water proof, stain resistance, easy to install and many more. There are various types of Vinyl flooring, but let look at Homogeneous & Heterogeneous which FLOORWORLD LLC now supply and install via partnership with Forbo.

Homogeneous vinyl flooring is a vinyl flooring with single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of color, it resists stain and durable as it can be used in high traffic areas. It is design with the latest technology that offers striking floor designs, built with beauty, easy to clean, long lasting, comfortable when you walk on it, due to the high quality raw materials used and innovative surface treatment. When fixed on the floor it really looks pretty amazing. It is indeed the ideal flooring for commercial such as industries, schools, healthcare centers etc, that you can get as low as 100aed per square meter with installation.

Heterogeneous Vinyl flooring on the other hand is vinyl flooring with Multi layer that has a print on the top layer that gives the possibilities of endless design when it comes to finishes and looks. Been multi layer it comprises of the top wear layer/finish, pattern layer, reinforcement layer and lastly backing layer. The good thing about Heterogeneous Vinyl flooring is that it comes with so many designs, easy to install, acoustic in nature, sound reduction, can be used in wet areas like kitchen and bathrooms and gives a firm grip when you walk on it, slip resistant, affordable and product standard been ASTM F 1303 – it is a standard specification for vinyl Sheet floor covering with backing. It is suitable for but residential and commercial. Heterogeneous Vinyl flooring is the combination of sophistication design with high performance and can be used up to 30 years. The price ranges from 150aed per square meter with installation. You can visit our showrooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to see the physical samples of this beautiful vinyl flooring and also get more information from our professional sales team which are stand by to assist you with your queries at any given time.