At Floorworld, we’re always looking for new ways to expand our flooring selection and give our valued customers a greater variety of choices. We’re excited to introduce a brand-new product offering: 21 luxurious carpet collections with a gorgeous array of style, material and colour options. 

Carpets provide a wide range of benefits, from comfort to value. Their inherent noise dampening properties create a quieter, more tranquil environment; better insulation means less energy consumption; and of course, they create a wonderfully warm and soft surface where you can put your feet up and relax.

To help you find the perfect carpet for your needs, we’ve created a simple guide – covering some of the important features to look out for.


The material a carpet is made from determines many of its key characteristics, including cost, comfort level, durability and ease of maintenance. We have eight polypropylene ranges, six polyester ranges and seven nylon ranges. Each has unique benefits – ensuring there’s something for everyone.


Polypropylene carpets are generally more affordable and a top pick for those on a budget. However, that doesn’t equate to an inferior product. While polypropylene is not as hard-wearing as polyester or nylon, it doesn’t absorb any water and dries rapidly. As a result, it is highly resistant to stains and is exceptionally easy to clean – it can even be bleach-cleaned without altering its appearance. Polypropylene is an ideal choice for those who want a low-maintenance, no-fuss floor. 

Polypropylene carpet

Pictured: Faye - 457 - Blush


Polyester carpets are a great all-rounder – balancing cost, durability, and comfort. They perform well in terms of wear and heat resistance yet are super soft to the touch – making them a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Better yet, polyester can be produced from recycled plastics such as water bottles and can easily be recycled into new materials at the end of its lifecycle – making polyester carpets a true eco-friendly option.

Polyester Carpet

Pictured: GRAND ESTATE - 890


Nylon is the most expensive material – but provides incredible quality for the price-tag. It is not only lavishly comfy and warm, but incredibly resilient against wear-and-tear. Nylon is ultra-stretchy and always bounces back into shape, so it resists crushing and tearing, and will retain its lavish looks for many years. Nylon carpets are suitable for areas with all levels of foot-traffic and are unbelievably versatile – perfect for those who want to invest in an all-purpose, premium carpeted floor that will last.

Nylon Carpet

Pictured: Wealthy Gathering - 93

Pile type

It’s also important to look at the pile type – how the yarn is formed into a carpet – as this influences the feel, wear, and style. 

Loop pile

With loop piles, the yarns are looped through the backing and left uncut. Loop pile carpets are harder to the touch, but very easy to maintain – they won’t show footprints or vacuum lines. They are a practical, low-maintenance option and can be used in any area of the home without hassle.

Cut pile

With cut piles, the yarns are cut at the end after being looped through the backing. The individual yarns “stand up” to form a gentle, tactile surface that is ideal for bedrooms and other areas where comfort is essential.

Cut-loop pile

This style uses a mixture of cut piles and loop piles to create variation in height and texture. This allows for beautiful, sculpted patterns and forms – use these carpets for moderate traffic areas where you want to showcase your style.


Carpet construction

Carpets have two backings: the yarn is woven into the primary backing, while the secondary backing provides support. In all cases, they can be paired with an underlay for additional comfort and durability.

Felt backing

Felt backing provides comfort along with thermal and sound insulation. It is less durable and will therefore not last as long. However, in some cases this is beneficial. Felt backed carpets can be used without underlay and are very easy to pull up – providing a cheap, convenient solution for renters.

Action backing

Action backing is more durable, gives better support and is not susceptible to moisture – so the carpet will have a longer lifespan. Action backed carpets require underlay, ensuring an even surface that is soft underfoot. 

Action fleece backing

Action fleece is a combination of action and felt backing, and therefore offers the benefits of both – comfort and durability. 

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