Floorworld LLC also have a vinyl flooring which is called LVT(luxury vinyl tile) glue down system which are from UK, Germany and Belgium. We are the major supplier in Middle East. It ranges from as low as 50aed per square meter and the thickness is 2mm and 3mm with up to 20 years warranty. That we have over 60 different colors, styles and finishes in stock. It has the look and feeling of our clicking system LVT. It is durable, hygienic, quiet under foot, water proof, realistic in feeling, warm when you walk on it and can be used to make different styles, border and designs of your choice which most of our showrooms and stores that cut across Dubai and Abu Dhabi has on the floor with designs for your viewing pleasure. If you already have an existing ceramic tiles or marble you are tired of and looking for what to cover it with permanently, our LVT glue down system is the best choice for you. No customer or client has used our glue down LVT without recommending us to a friend or family member. That is how we sale and supply over 18,000 sqm per month. We have different collections like Gurber Allury, Nature, Gurber Essential, Quick Step Essential, Spacia,  Spacia First, Spacia Extra, Advance, Advance Extra, Premium, Standard,  Standard Exra, Da Vicin Planks, Da Vicin Tiles, Art Select, Knight, Van Gogh, Loose lay wood, Loose lay Stone, Michelangello, Opus and many more.

In LVT glue down system you cannot beat the reach of Floorworld LLC. And all of the above mentioned comes in different shape, styles and finishes, such as wood like, stone, tiles etc. Another benefit of the glue down LVT is that it saves you the stress of bring in a contractor to have the ugly existing tiles or ceramic ripped off and much more expansive. With LVT glue down system you pay less for same job, it saves you time, stress and cost, same time getting you the best result as the finishing and look is amazing. With this product you can turn your villa, apartment, office, bedroom, reception etc to a complete new look, as the styles, shapes, patterns and designs we do with this product is endless with a great finishing touches by our installation team. With LVT glue down you can never go wrong, as it was specifically design to meet your desire to have a perfect flooring at low cost possible. The benefit of glue down LVT is endless just like the designs, patterns and styles that can be achieved using it. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, deferent angels and can be cut into desired sizes as you wish.  With a wear layer of 0,3mm and 0,55mm making it suitable for commercial and residential. High heels resistance, allergen free, no expansion or contraction and completely water proof. Choose from any of our LVT glue down and give us a room, sitting area, dining , bathroom, kitchen etc you are tired of the look due to the existing flooring, FLOORWORLD LLC will give you back in return a new home.