A living room is the nucleus of a home—where guests are entertainedfamily spends time together, children play, and you put your feet up after a hard day at work.  

There are many factors to consider when renovating or decorating your living room, because this space is central to the creative vision of your interior design. It’s also a multifunctional area that must constantly evolve with lives and needs of its occupants. 

To meet these everchanging requirements, a living room floor must not only feel good underfoot, but also be physically durable and aesthetic timeless—so you can update the look and feel of your furniture, rugs and décor items as often as you want to, without worrying about any pieces clashing with your flooring style. 

Here are five living room flooring options that we love: 

Hamburg Grey

Grey floors are in vogueand for good reason. Like black, grey can pair with any colour, but its neutral impact means it can be employed in almost every context. This makes it a fantastic choice for homemakers who want to experiment. From day-to-day accents like swapping turquoise pillows for cherry red, to changing a whole furniture set from white to deep gold, Hamburg Grey seems to transform with each new look. This living room vinyl flooring option couples affordability with minimal maintenance costsso you’ll have plenty of budget left over to have fun with décor. 

Laminate flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Hamburg Grey laminate flooring from Floorworld. 

Café Miel

White promotes relaxation and makes even smaller living rooms feel surprisingly spacious. With its realistic wood grain and embossed surface texture, Café Miel is the quintessential example of what this aesthetic is all about. But – be careful not to overdo the white, or your living room could feel sterile. Why not offset your white floors with accents of pastel; or black, dark grey and green

This Vinyl Click flooring is easy to install, satisfies LEED[1] certification, and is 100% recyclable – so if you ever want something new, you can replace it at no cost to the planet.

Vinyl Click Flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Café Miel Vinyl Click flooring from Floorworld. 


Featuring a delicate and creamy wood palette with knots reminiscent of swirls in foamed milk, Cappuccino will warmly welcome you home after a long dayThough its aesthetic is gorgeously soft, it’s hardy as anything: from high heels to coffee spills, this durable and waterproof floor will handle whatever life throws at it – so let your hair down and enjoy. Just as a good cappuccino goes perfectly with chocolate, this floor looks fantastic alongside deep browns, such as timber furniture or luxurious rugs. Red velvets also make wonderful highlights.   

Vinyl click Flooring

Get the look with Gerbür Cappuccino Vinyl Click flooring from Floorworld. 

Pine (European Oak - 3 Strip)

These oak floorboards use engineered woodpreserving hardwood’s natural look while adding benefits such as high resistance to temperature or humidity fluctuations, as well as ease of installation and maintenance. The array of light and dark grainy tones creates a timeless aestheticso you can furnish your living room in any style, from ultra-modern to antiqueSettle inyour floor will facilitate a living room that matures as you do.

harwood flooring

Get the look with Swiss Hardwoods Pine European Oak engineered wood flooring from Floorworld. 

Aqua (European Oak – Single Strip)

This engineered wood flooring celebrates the pure, natural beauty of European Oak – knots and all. With its extra wide plank dimensions and finely bevelled edges, it enhances open plan living rooms by emphasizing the feeling of spaceThis look can be either enhanced with lighter room colours and minimal furniture and décor; or counterbalanced with rich patterns and colour. This timeless floor allows the room to expand or contract with the flow of life. 

Hardwood floors

Get the look with Swiss Hardwoods Aqua European Oak engineered wood flooring from Floorworld.

Are you building or renovating a living room?

If you want to create a living room that’s as flexible as you are, we have an unbeatable range of vinyl click and wood flooringproducts. For more options, check out laminate flooringluxury vinyl tilesstone plastic composite flooring and carpet tiles

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