The wooden floor has great longevity, which is one of the most interesting point for many people, as well as their beautiful aesthetics.
But wooden floors will only last the duration if they’re properly taken care of!! No Worries, looking after wooden floors is not complicated or a hassle, it’s often just about knowing the correct methods when cleaning is essential for every home. The wood should be cleaned periodically to ensure longer life of the wood, cleaning the wood properly protected from damage and gives it a beautiful sight at the same time; it seems completely new when purchased.
Floorworld wants you to enjoy your hardwood floor and keep it perfectly clean and looks like new, Today, we will address our topic in many and different ways, some of which is available at your fingertips at home and some of them which will need to buy cleaners from the shops, so that you get the best results of the Shining wood.
Follow this easy instruction:

Before cleaning the hardwood floor:
You must take into consideration, the type wooden surface you are dealing with, there are many kind different methods of cleaning wood. There is a coarse wood surfaces, and there are with different types of paint, there are processed. Below we will explain the general ways to perform the task of cleaning the wooden floor, but you must take into consideration make the experience of the sample is an invisible to the eyes first and wait for the result, and if it’s succeeded you can proceed use of them for the entire wooden floor.

  1. Usual Cleaning (daily or weekly):
    Usually cleaning wood must be using a dry cloth (preferably made of the kind of cotton or soft fibers), smoothly passing it over the entire floor, and can use a brush to clean the openings and narrow places or carved. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, and are often fitted with a special cut for wood cleaning, a task efficiently perform good. You can use a damp little water, nor should the water stays on the surface, but since only enough to remove dust spots or outstanding.
  2. Cleaning Wood using vinegar:
    By using vinegar to clean the pure wood a very bad idea, it will leave stains such as those resulting from the use of water, and above which the acidic material is able to remove or scrape some types of insulation coatings for wood.
    You can use vinegar but in a different way. Mix equal of vinegar and olive oil, and then painted wooden surfaces do, you'll get the cleanliness of vinegar, and luster of oil, while maintaining the floor and isolated from water absorption. Passed a dry to remove excess solution for better results.
    Laminate flooring can add a cup of vinegar to the cleaning bucket (which uses a special cleaner wooden floors or normal cleaning solution) to double the strength to get rid of spots and fat outstanding. 
    Do not leave the water dries on the floor and only have a lag effects and unpleasant stains from evaporation of water. Once you clean the floor, and before the ink surface Use a soft, use a dry cloth to remove any water before drying.
  3. Using Commercial Cleaners:
    If you did not purchased by a custom wooden floors of commercial detergents, you should take that into consideration from now on, it gives good results, and form a protective layer on the surfaces lend luster, and at the same time protect it from external factors such as water and sediment, add 50ml it to approximately 80 to 10 liters of water and mop the cleaner onto the whole floor, removing any excess liquid.
  4.  Remove water spots:
    As is the normal when cleaning carpets, the getting rid of water spots, especially as they happen is the best wooden floor cleaning solutions. Drain off any liquid is poured directly, and leave it to dry on the wooden surface. Try one of these home solutions to prevent the appearance of spots after drying them directly:
    a) Anoint surface shaving cream, and leave it for 5 minutes, then dry it.
    b) Anoint a piece of cloth with mayonnaise, and apply them on the wooden surface for 10 minutes, then wipe the area.
    c) Anoint surface using cleaner metal surfaces, and leave it for 5 minutes then remove the excess of it.
  5. Remove the fat spots:
    Simply all of ample amount of talcum powder, and then cover it using the kitchen wipes, and then press the heated iron to allow the absorption of fat after dissolved.
  6. Treatment of Cracks And Scratches:
    Fill cracks on wooden surfaces using shoes polished with a suitable degree of color or using wax crayons of a similar color to the color of the wooden floor.