Universal Flooring is huge international company but a little known sub-brand of Unilin Flooring and in turn part of the larger Mohawk Group.

Mohawk Group is the largest international player in the flooring business worldwide, listed on the New York stock exchange with factories in North-America, Russia, Europe and Asia and employing over 27,000 people. Universal Flooring has offices and distribution warehouses in over 50 countries ensuring their level of products and services are second to none. Floorworld is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Universal Flooring for the UAE and also the wider GCC marketplace, delivering top quality wood flooring products at the lowest possible prices.

Universal Flooring guarantees that their factories and products are PEFC and FSC Certified meaning that all their wood floors are sourced from renewable and sustainable forests. We at Floorworld attained PEFC and FSC Certification in 2016 and are proud to be a member of the world’s two largest trade bodies ensuring the highest levels of sustainability and environmentally friendly wood flooring production.

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  1. Hevea Accent - Carmel
    • 14% OFF
    Hevea Accent - Carmel
    Special Price AED123.98 /m2 was AED145.00 /m2
  2. Hevea Accent - Earth
    • 14% OFF
    Hevea Accent - Earth
    Special Price AED123.98 /m2 was AED145.00 /m2
  3. Arena
    • 14% OFF
    Special Price AED129.11 /m2 was AED151.00 /m2
    Out of stock
  4. Oak Prime Honey Oak Extra Matt
    • 54% OFF
    Oak Prime Honey Oak Extra Matt
    Special Price AED131.00 /m2 was AED285.00 /m2
  5. Oak - Universal
    • 44% OFF
    Oak - Universal
    Special Price AED132.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  6. Eur. White Oak
    • 54% OFF
    Eur. White Oak
    Special Price AED136.00 /m2 was AED298.00 /m2
  7. Eur. White Oak ML
    • 40% OFF
    Eur. White Oak ML
    Special Price AED142.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  8. Ash Prime
    • 15% OFF
    Ash Prime
    Special Price AED147.06 /m2 was AED172.00 /m2
  9. Neutral Oak White
    • 49% OFF
    Neutral Oak White
    Special Price AED152.00 /m2 was AED298.00 /m2
  10. Ash Prime Triple White Extra Matt
    • 14% OFF
    Ash Prime Triple White Extra Matt
    Special Price AED158.18 /m2 was AED185.00 /m2
  11. Iroko - Universal
    • 38% OFF
    Iroko - Universal
    Special Price AED163.00 /m2 was AED262.00 /m2
  12. Rembrandt Kempas
    • 15% OFF
    Rembrandt Kempas
    Special Price AED167.58 /m2 was AED196.00 /m2
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