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A simple research and comparison of all flooring suppliers and other flooring Companies in Dubai will tell you that Floorworld is practically 1/3 cheaper than their main competitor.

At Floorworld we believe in sending out a very transparent and positive message, since we are very evidently, 30% cheaper than every European flooring supplier in the UAE flooring market, we don’t believe in hiking up our prices and then offering silly discounts. But we do we believe in appreciating business from our loyal clients and repeat customers by rewarding them with exclusive offers.

We also offer clearance stock sale discounts upon purchase of large quantities of flooring, you get a bulk deal price which is often below cost and special offer prices when you order online and pick up your order from any of our flooring stores across UAE. You may visit our stores page to check for the flooring store closest to you.

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  1. Verona
    • 50% OFF
    Special Price AED22.50 /m2 was AED45.00 /m2
  2. Artic Driftwood
    • 36% OFF
    Artic Driftwood
    Special Price AED32.00 /m2 was AED50.00 /m2
  3. Aged Oak - Allure
    • 47% OFF
    Aged Oak - Allure
    Special Price AED45.00 /m2 was AED85.00 /m2
    • 30% OFF
    Special Price AED63.00 /m2 was AED90.00 /m2
    • 30% OFF
    Special Price AED63.00 /m2 was AED90.00 /m2
    • 30% OFF
    Special Price AED63.00 /m2 was AED90.00 /m2
  7. Jabor Natur
    • 35% OFF
    Jabor Natur
    Special Price AED94.00 /m2 was AED145.00 /m2
  8. Hevea Accent - Earth
    • 14% OFF
    Hevea Accent - Earth
    Special Price AED123.98 /m2 was AED145.00 /m2
  9. Oak Prime Honey Oak Extra Matt
    • 54% OFF
    Oak Prime Honey Oak Extra Matt
    Special Price AED131.00 /m2 was AED285.00 /m2
  10. Coffee Brown Oak Matt
    • 15% OFF
    Coffee Brown Oak Matt
    Special Price AED134.22 /m2 was AED157.00 /m2
  11. Mocca Oak Matt
    • 15% OFF
    Mocca Oak Matt
    Special Price AED136.80 /m2 was AED160.00 /m2
  12. Eur. White Oak ML
    • 40% OFF
    Eur. White Oak ML
    Special Price AED142.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  13. Doussie Satin
    • 17% OFF
    Doussie Satin
    Special Price AED142.00 /m2 was AED170.40 /m2
  14. Havana Smoked Oak Matt
    • 15% OFF
    Havana Smoked Oak Matt
    Special Price AED143.64 /m2 was AED168.00 /m2
  15. Oak Triaon Noir
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Triaon Noir
    Special Price AED146.00 /m2 was AED225.00 /m2
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Floorworld LLC is the biggest flooring supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the whole of. We supply an extensive range of flooring suitable for commercial and residential use. As the foremost leader in the flooring market in Dubai, we understand your needs; providing the best products that are durable and add a touch of beauty to your environment.