From planning your budget and choosing the right floor to finishing off with the matching accessories, Home improvement projects as exciting as they seem, could be quite overwhelming. In order to get that perfect finish, choosing the right flooring accessories is very crucial. Through our unmatched selection of flooring Accessories, Floorworld is sure to meet your décor needs without having to visit any other flooring supplier in Dubai.

Once you have picked your floor type you may want to look at what type of underlay is recommended for the floor, what type of door trim you may need. Keeping in mind the complete requirements of the flooring project, Accessories being one of them, we have very carefully displayed the itemised list here on our website for your easy browse-through. From scratch preventing furniture pads to matching wood Skirtings, we offer every flooring accessory like stair nosing's for stairs and steps which not only look great, but also provide greater stability and durability to the structure as they are of very superior quality from world renowned flooring brands like QuickStep, Gerbur and SwissHardwoods.

Together with matching wood skirting's, we also provide beadings/quadrants that go around the perimeter of the room, three different types of door thresholds/reducers that ensures the correct finish at doorways, T-bar that ensures seamless continuity at the doorway where one floor meets another and again these are available in a huge range of decors that perfectly match and compliment your choice of flooring. What makes us unique and stand out from other flooring companies in Dubai apart from our quality flooring, competitive pricing and excellent customer service is our constant endeavour to push beyond the product inventory and become a full-service flooring solutions store.

While we understand the challenges of picking the right product to maintain a floor as well as the importance of health and hygiene in a busy family household. You may rely on Floorworld LLC to offer these products at the right quality standards and value for money. It is important to carefully consider what cleaning products to use for your floor, as you can easily end up with an unwanted result. The pH value in some household items is very high, which can strip the finish off of laminate or vinyl or discolour the wood and leave your floor unprotected. We offer floor maintenance oil that is not just easy to apply for all SwissHardwood engineered floors, it is 100% organic too. Our floor cleaning products are perfect for any floor whether it be engineered real wood flooring, laminate flooring or luxury vinyl tiles as they have the permitted levels of cleaning chemicals and oils required to protect your flooring to ensure it looks great for decades.

And Please do not hesitate to call us if you are unsure of what accessories to pick. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Contact us on +97148895661 or email your request to

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