Vinyl click

Vinyl click

Vinyl flooring is another genius man made flooring solution. What is called as Luxury Vinyl tiles (LVT) or Luxury Vinyl planks, is an incredible floor that is manufactured using modern advanced techniques. These tiles/planks are made of 3 components fused together under great pressure as the base, decor paper as the middle layer and a protective UV coating at the top layer. This top layer helps protect the flooring from fading due to exposure to sunlight or regular wear and tear, making it extremely durable and 100% waterproof. Gerbur’s Vinyl Flooring is an incredibly realistic floor, extremely durable floor tile that showcases the best of Gerbür‘s state of the art manufacturing techniques, with unique and patented UniClic mechanism, Gerbur LVT Click is just that. The tiles are clicked together in an interlocking fashion to stay in place as a floating floor. No need for any adhesives, quick and simple installation.

With its registered embossed wood effect finish and realistic wood grain to replicate the look and feel of nature, even a flooring expert would have difficulty in telling that this is not a real wood floor. While that sought-after real wood floor look can be costly and difficult to maintain-Gerbur LVT offers an alternative with none of the disadvantages. Gerbur Luxury vinyl tile products are made with natural, environmentally friendly, sustainable materials which are 100% recyclable. Conforms to all regulatory requirements of commercial flammability codes, slip resistant requirements. Gerbur Vinyl flooring are guaranteed to stay looking amazing for 15 to 20 years and come with a 10-year commercial warranty and lifetime residential warranty, making it suitable for both home and office setup.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl click is as the name suggests, a luxury floor that simply clicks together meaning that it can be installed in one location and then the same floor can be uplifted and installed in a different location whenever you move house!. Very realistic in appearance, it looks and feels exactly like a real wooden floor. A marvelous flooring solution, the luxury vinyl click is a fairly recent invention in comparison to many of the other types of floor coverings available, which means that all modern colorways, designs and trends that are current in today's interior designs are fully available.

A floor should be beautiful to look at and also be able to withstand extreme wear, luxury vinyl click from Gerbur is both beautiful and extremely hard wearing with all products carrying a full lifetime warranty. Among the many benefits is that luxury vinyl click is 100% waterproof so you can relax and don't need to worry about water leakages or spillages. Manufactured using virgin PVC, all luxury vinyl floors from Gerbur carry the internationally recognized Floorscore certification meaning that the floor has been extensively laboratory tested and has been found to release no harmful chemicals or pollutants into the air. Indoor air quality is very important for those with for young children, asthma, breathing difficulties or allergies. Yet another benefit of the luxury vinyl click is that it is dimensionally very stable and doesn't suffer from expansion and contraction problems associated with other floor coverings such as laminate flooring and solid hardwood floors.

With all the benefits above and none of the drawbacks associated with real wood floors or laminate flooring, it's easy to see why there's been a huge increase in the popularity and usage of luxury vinyl tiles in homes, retail premises and hotels across the globe. Easy to install and remove, waterproof, extremely hard wearing, visually realistic and to the touch, and yet very cost effective to purchase and extremely easy to maintain, saving time and money.

Luxury vinyl tile really is a perfect flooring solution for today's and busy modern lifestyles. At Floorworld we take pride in being the biggest vinyl flooring supplier and the number one vinyl flooring company in the Middle East.