Wood Flooring

Floorworld LLC is the leading suppliers of wood flooring and parquet flooring products and services in UAE. We supply wood flooring for both residential and commercial use. We being the pioneer of wood flooring in UAE brings you the widest range of products to meet the requirements of all kinds. With our professional team of staffs, we are capable of understanding the individual requirement of every customer and projects. We focus on providing our customers the most durable and versatile products. We also focus on providing our customers with the best value for money. Our wood floor and parquet flooring are manufactured to resist the harsh climatic condition of UAE. Our products are highly durable, cost effective and easy to maintain.

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  1. Oak - Universal
    • 44% OFF
    Oak - Universal
    Special Price AED132.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  2. Coffee Brown Oak Matt
    • 15% OFF
    Coffee Brown Oak Matt
    Special Price AED134.22 /m2 was AED157.00 /m2
  3. A Grade Chocolate Oak
    • 59% OFF
    A Grade Chocolate Oak
    Special Price AED135.00 /m2 was AED330.00 /m2
  4. Oak Triaon Noir
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Triaon Noir
    Special Price AED146.00 /m2 was AED225.00 /m2
  5. Natural Heritage Oak Satin
    • 14% OFF
    Natural Heritage Oak Satin
    Special Price AED147.09 /m2 was AED172.00 /m2
  6. Oak Versalles
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Versalles
    Special Price AED152.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  7. Oak Baroque
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Baroque
    Special Price AED152.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  8. Neutral Oak White
    • 49% OFF
    Neutral Oak White
    Special Price AED152.00 /m2 was AED298.00 /m2
  9. Oak Havanna
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Havanna
    Special Price AED172.00 /m2 was AED265.00 /m2
  10. Oak Cotton White
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Cotton White
    Special Price AED175.00 /m2 was AED270.00 /m2
  11. Oak Alu Grey
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Alu Grey
    Special Price AED178.00 /m2 was AED275.00 /m2
  12. Honey Oak Oiled
    • 39% OFF
    Honey Oak Oiled
    Special Price AED195.00 /m2 was AED320.25 /m2
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