Wood Flooring

Are you looking for beautiful, affordable wood flooring in the UAE? Floorworld is the leading provider of all wood flooring types in the region – including engineered wood, parquet wood flooring (sometimes called wooden floor tiles), and solid wood flooring.

Looking for a specific style? We have you covered. We have a wide range of wood floor colours available, including light wood floors, dark wood floors, white wood flooring, grey wood floors and black wood floors, among many other options.

As a full-service company, we also offer consultations for wood floor designs (at no extra charge) and wood floor installations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE.

Highly durable and designed to ease your wood floor maintenance headaches, all our flooring is easy to care for and made to withstand the harsh climate of the Middle East. (Ask our friendly staff for wood floor careadvice and tips on the best wood floor cleaner!) 

We showcase all our products on this website, so you can explore all the beautiful wood species that we use in our ranges – including oak wood, maple wood, walnut wood, teak wood, ash wood, cherry wood, pine wood flooring and many more wood flooring options.

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  1. Coffee Brown Oak Matt
    • 15% OFF
    Coffee Brown Oak Matt
    Special Price AED134.22 /m2 was AED157.00 /m2
  2. Mahogany Black
    AED135.00 /m2
  3. Mahogany Natural
    AED135.00 /m2
  4. Hand Scraped Birch
    • 53% OFF
    Hand Scraped Birch
    Special Price AED135.00 /m2 was AED287.00 /m2
  5. Mocca Oak Matt
    • 15% OFF
    Mocca Oak Matt
    Special Price AED136.80 /m2 was AED160.00 /m2
  6. Eur. White Oak ML
    • 40% OFF
    Eur. White Oak ML
    Special Price AED142.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  7. Doussie Satin
    • 17% OFF
    Doussie Satin
    Special Price AED142.00 /m2 was AED170.40 /m2
  8. Havana Smoked Oak Matt
    • 15% OFF
    Havana Smoked Oak Matt
    Special Price AED143.64 /m2 was AED168.00 /m2
  9. Merbau Classic
    • 35% OFF
    Merbau Classic
    Special Price AED146.00 /m2 was AED226.12 /m2
  10. Oak Triaon Noir
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Triaon Noir
    Special Price AED146.00 /m2 was AED225.00 /m2
  11. Ash Prime
    • 15% OFF
    Ash Prime
    Special Price AED147.06 /m2 was AED172.00 /m2
  12. Natural Heritage Oak Satin
    • 14% OFF
    Natural Heritage Oak Satin
    Special Price AED147.09 /m2 was AED172.00 /m2
  13. Oak Versalles
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Versalles
    Special Price AED152.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  14. Oak Baroque
    • 35% OFF
    Oak Baroque
    Special Price AED152.00 /m2 was AED235.00 /m2
  15. Neutral Oak White
    • 49% OFF
    Neutral Oak White
    Special Price AED152.00 /m2 was AED298.00 /m2
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